Save Your Time & Sanity With A Clinic Operations Manual

Hosted by Kate Markland, Director, Mentor, Speaker and Podcast Host

Remove procrastination, distraction, overwhelm and disorganisation and gain TIME AND FOCUS. 

You will discover the step-by-step tips you need to MAKE EVERY TASK SIMPLE and implementable by someone other than you! 

YOU TOO CAN achieve more and feel FOCUSED – it’s easy when you know how!

If you’re looking to get out of chaos you need to take creating a Clinic Operating Manual seriously!

I see so many clinic owners struggle to 'get their head above water' endlessly overwhelmed and overloaded dealing with obstacles/distractions that can get in the way of you staying focused on the things that really matter.

If any of the above resonates with you then I’ve got GREAT NEWS. THERE’S A SIMPLE SOLUTION!

A great "CLINIC OPERATING MANUAL’ removes the tasks that are not relevant to you and give's you peace of mind that every single day all clinic operations are in hand, well documented, described and up to date! This will make all the difference between feeling ‘on the back foot' -v- being productive, and having the time and brain space to meet goals, achieve targets, and feel organised, prepared, calm, and confident.

With no more fire fighting or last-minute emergencies, you are freed up to focus on what matters to you and the growth of a healthy practice.