What Really Makes You Ill?

You can't poison your body back to health!

As Dr Vernon Coleman recently stated the person most likely to kill you is your doctor. 

With back grounds in accounting and engineering, authors Dawn Lester and David Parker, found themselves free of medical dogma and able to ask questions about health in a systematic manner.   They share what they discovered illness and the key factors to good health the majority of which we all have control over.

In the conversation Dawn and David discuss how many doctors must feel when they come to the realisation that what they've been doing for many years, maybe even decades is causing harm and deaths, albeit unwittingly. 

David points out that things have gone on too far, and for too long, and doctors have really got to own up.  They've got to come to terms with the fact that everything they've been taught and everything they've been doing for probably the best part of their working life is actually causing harm and killing people.  This takes some reconciliation to come terms with, and brings with it the financial concerns of potentially losing a very well paid job.

The medico-pharmaceutical industrial complex and government's have been reliant on fear! Keeping people afraid of illness and professional's people afraid of loss of status, registration and income. They have made billions out of doing so over the last hundred years.

BUT what if there is nothing to be afraid of?

The body is a fantastic thing!

AND as an allied health professional you have tools and opportunity to help people reclaim their health, without the need for prescriptions or to be controlled by golden handcuffs.

The Hippocratic Oath, promise and commitment to first do no harm is a principle all wish to stand by.


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