Balancing Self-Care and Patient Care

Physiotherapists work closely with patients to aid in their recovery from illnesses or injuries, which can be physically and emotionally taxing. This can lead to a decrease in job satisfaction, an increase in physical and mental health problems, and even a decline in patient care quality. In this episode, we're joined by Jo Turner, a Physiotherapist and clinic owner. Jo shares insights on how to determine, maintain, and act on personal values to prevent burnout. Join us as we delve into the following conversation:

• The importance of setting boundaries that align with personal values

• The challenges healthcare professionals face in setting boundaries

• Prioritising self-care as a clinician

• The impact of the pandemic on physiotherapy practices.

• The need to maintain integrative and functional rehabilitation approaches.

• The role of healthcare professionals in promoting health ownership and facilitating recovery.

• The role of values in achieving wellness. Listen in to gain insight on setting boundaries and the importance of being true to oneself.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


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