From Prescriptive Movement to Emotionally-Informed Care: The Evolution of Physiotherapy

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition for a patient-centered, holistic approach to healthcare that considers the interplay of physical, mental, emotional, and social factors, and tailors treatment plans to each patient's unique needs and preferences. In this episode, Joanne Elphinston, an experienced Physiotherapist and Founder of JEMS discusses the following:

  • The importance of emotions and trauma-informed care in physiotherapy
  • Understanding the patient's whole being, beyond symptoms
  • Patriarchal medicine and the danger of objectifying patients
  • Embracing the complexity of human health in treatment
  • Prioritizing patient communication and responsiveness over checklists and protocols
  • The power of curiosity and active listening for improved outcomes
  • In conclusion, the priority in Physiotherapy should be to listen to patients, understand their needs, and provide comprehensive care, rather than focusing on protocols.

Listen in and enjoy! ________________________________________________________

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