Money and the Mind: Exploring the Psychology of Our Relationship with Wealth

Our relationship with money is intimate and deeply rooted in our psyche. Our attitude towards money often reflects our attitude towards ourselves and how we view our place in the world. It is therefore not surprising that how we handle money is usually a direct reflection of how we handle other aspects of our lives.


In this episode, Leslie Thomas, an expert in money and personal finance and the founder of the Money Confidence Academy,  shares insight into the psychology of money.


In this conversation, we delve into the following:

  • Understanding behaviours and relationships with money.
  • The connection between a sense of self-worth, self-value, and confidence 
  • Importance of sharing and communication in entrepreneurial and clinical spaces.
  • The need to address financial stress 
  • Developing healthy money habits 


The conversation emphasises the importance of taking a mindful, holistic approach to habits and behaviours related to money and recognizing their impact on overall well-being.


Stay tuned and enjoy.


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