Fear, Control, and Technocracy: The Dark Side of the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has become an integral part of daily living, controlling every aspect of our lives over the last few years, from the endless fear mongering about the next fatal disease to monitored compliance with vaccine schedules and prescription drugs.  

Instead of receiving advice on how to improve our diet,  physical and mental health, reduce comorbidities, and enhance our whole body's ecosystem. We witness a never-ending health infomercial’s based on fear with drugs being offered as the only solution.

There are growing concerns about this expanded reach whereby personal and national sovereignty are risked through medical tyranny.

In this episode, Dr Kevin Corbett, retired nurse, takes a critical look at the social creation of illness and offers thought-provoking insights:

In this conversation, we delve into the following:

  • The medicalisation of everyday life. 
  • The shift in nursing from a caring and spiritual approach to a more technocratic and theoretical approach
  • The risks associated with quantifying medical diagnoses
  • The adverse effects of fear-mongering and population manipulation on public health
  • The controversy surrounding HIV testing and diagnosis. 
  • Alternative methods for evaluating knowledge and perception in healthcare practice.
  • Reshaping the current order in the healthcare industry

Tune in to gain valuable insights into the complexities and potential drawbacks of the modern healthcare industry. 

This podcast is here to support you on that journey, so stay tuned and enjoy.




  • Sociogenesis:

'The social origin of a particular phenomenon'
[e.g. how a 'category' is variously created and socially perceived; like a 'disease category' or 'racial category']

  • Iatrogenesis:

"..damages that doctors inflict with the intent of curing the patient or exploiting him, but also those other torts which result from the doctor's attempt to protect against the patient's eventual suit of malpractice"  Illich (1975 p.26).

  • Mass sociogenic illness:

"Mass sociogenic illness refers to the rapid spread of illness signs and symptoms affecting members of a cohesive group, originating from a nervous system disturbance involving excitation, loss or alteration of function, whereby physical complaints that are exhibited unconsciously have no corresponding organic aetiology."
Bartholomew & Wessely (2002)


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Kevin P Corbett MSc PhD, is a UK health scientist and visual artist. Areas of expertise include patient experiences of diagnosis, treatment and illness. Biography: https://www.immunity.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Dr-Kevin-P-Corbett-BIOGRAPHY-pre-post-covid.pdf
Publications (selected): https://www.immunity.org.uk/articles/kevin-corbett-2/   CONTACT DETAILS 

Kevin P Corbett Website:      www.kevinpcorbett.com Telegram:    https://t.me/citisci


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