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Finally! Know your back pain inside-out
in just 6 weeks

...without going from therapist to therapist, wondering if you need MRIs, x-rays,
injections, surgeries, or taking endless painkillers


Be QUICK! As the prices for training will go up soon!

Not learning how to assess, diagnose and treat your own back pain can be extremely debilitating, frustrating and scary.

You know the saying "Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life." -  many of us do not prevent back pain but wait until it becomes serious and when this happens the next (easiest) thing it comes into mind is painkillers or if they fail injections or surgery! 

...but do you know that surgery costs you thousands of pounds if you want your choice of surgeon

...and even when you spend all your savings to be able to afford it STILL:

  • there are no guarantees it will work
  • there are many cases where it goes wrong 
  • the anesthetic alone is a risk
  • if you don't take care of your spine you will have to deal with the same situation again and risk another surgery? 
  • post-surgery you will have to commit to rehab to get back where you want to be...

What if you committed now to avoid the risks of surgery and discovered what causes back pain and crucially knew how to prevent it and treat it?

No-one in the world knows how your body functions or cares how your body functions
– more than you.

You are the one living in your body, so you are the expert!  All you need to know is what to do…. you just need to know the “Secret Weapons” that you can use to cure your pain! 

Can you imagine how powerful it would be for you to understand your back pain and cure your own pain?

The 6 Week "Master My Spine" Programme is for you if:

  • Your struggling with back pain
  • Your having think twice before you move
  • You want to be free of pain
  • You have unanswered questions 
  • If you don't yet know how to treat yourself

The programme is designed to

  • Give you clarity on the causes of your back pain
  • Give you a deeper understanding of how your spine works
  • Avoid you making painful and sometimes costly mistakes that are based on assumptions rather than fact
  • Show you how to assess, diagnose and treat your pain so you regain freedom of movement
  • Create a happy healthy spine so you’re not running ragged with pain and worry all day long
  • Stop you going from clinician to clinician searching for answers – because you don't know what to do.
  • Understand your risks for back pain and how to mitigate them – no more nasty surprises that come out of nowhere and hit you when you least expect it!
  • Proactively deal with your pain so you can live a full life doing all the things you want without having to think twice.

Here's how the programme is structured

Week 1

Myths About Back Pain: We will bust myths about back pain.  You'll notice your mindset start to shift as you reveal fact from fiction.

Week 2

Understanding Your Spine: You will get sound knowledge of the structure and function of your spine, understand mechanical pain and learn how to diagnose.

Week 3

The Causes of Your Low Back Pain: Understanding common causes of pain, you'll help you identify what puts your spine at risk and adapt accordingly.

Week 4

Treat Your Pain: You will now have confirmed your own treatment strategy, be implementing and refining it.

Week 5

How to Assess it's Working: You will discover how to assess what is and isn't working and what to do when you are getting better, worse or if things are unchanging.

Week 6

Living Life: You will get back to living a full life, one that you love and dream of rather than the one you have been tolerating inhibited by pain.

"The body is the only place you have to live, take care of it"



Here's just a fraction of what you get when you join 

  • Daily Training and Tasks

    Which give you everything you need to ASSESS, DIAGNOSE and TREAT your spine meaning you can get pain free in bite-size chunks
  • Clear Execution Path

    Never worry about what comes next! We’ll give you a clear path to follow.
  • Resources and Templates

    All the resources and templates you need to understand your spine and how to treat yourself 

  • E-consultation

    You tried everything and nothing worked or you thinking about doing and want feedback. With E-consultations you get my help to break through any blocks you might be having

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime access to my course and use of all my resources (back pain training guide, daily diary, healthy working habits, diet tips, exercise inspiration and purposeful activity ideas etc…) so that you have everything you need and when you need it to find and recover your back pain.

  • Bonuses

    The bonuses available to you include. Discounts on ergonomic furniture. Weight-loss tips, Healthy Work Habits, Active Living Inspiration, Purposeful Living Ideas, How to End Neck Pain Guide, Waterbased Exercise Programme, How to Prevent Ski Injuries and How to Treat Chest Infections at Home. 

"For all the happiness mankind can gain: is not in pleasure, but in rest from pain."– Phyllis Diller


Meet your Therapist

Who is Kate Markland?

Over the past 19 years Kate has worked as a Physiotherapist, starting her own clinic from scratch here in the UK. Kate is a leading clinician and one of the few to hold the international Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy.

Now, through The Markland Clinic, Kate helps those struggling with pain or injury debunk the myths and understand how to their own pain without the need to see endless health practioners, so they can have the health they want escape mediocrity and live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

The result

Reduced pain, improved movement, be in control, a happy healthy, and stable spine so you can focus on doing the things you love and thrive



I am going to share with you and show you a processes, to assess your spine, how to diagnose it and treat it, and all the techniques you need to maintain your gains and prevent reoccurrences. I am going to expose the inner workings of how I practice and get client’s results, as a result, all sales of the programme are final as even if we don’t fully resolve your pain for any reason you will have gained a lot more knowledge about how your spine works and understanding about your symptoms and how to manage them.  NOTE: You can only make a guarantee like this if you are confident in your product.


The Master My spine programme works by firstly educating you on how the spine works, explaining why you may have pain, giving you advice on life style changes that can help prevent further pain and then teaching you the exercises that are needed to stop the pain and prevent a recurrence.


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