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Your Practice Pricing

askkate profitwithoutpills Aug 06, 2022

Many clinician’s under price themselves

This is critical…… so so many clinician’s under price themselves, never have fee increases, struggle to pay suppliers let alone themselves, and don’t charge enough to have a marketing budget to support the businesses requirement of acquiring more patients!  This in turn limits the contribution they can make to the public health of their community because NO-ONE knows they exist!

And worse still if you are undercharging you risk getting stuck in the cycle of Clinician DOOM and DEPRESSION forever!!

Treat Client – Empty diary – Treat Client – Empty Diary

Which leads you to thinking you are not good enough and devaluing yourself even further, leaving struggling to pay bills and feeling rubbish as a Clinician (especially if you have invested heavily in your postgrad clinical education) ! 

You could grow your business by cutting some costs….. this doesn’t really grow your business but it might stabilise your cash flow.

You could create a great marketing campaign and attract more patients…… BUT unless you charge the right price you don’t have the budget to support it

Basically put your prices up!   

Your less desperate, less devalued and less dependent on poor quality contracts!  So you deliver a better service, enjoy your work more, reduce stress AND now have the budget to shout from the roof tops about how you can help your local community!

So, what’s stopping you from raising your prices?

Mindset – you lack the strength and courage to put your prices up in the first place…… but you also haven’t understood the economics around WHY it is important!

Validation – being able to hold firm on your pricing for the right patients who will validate the contribution you make to their lives and the value you charge.   

Time – you are so desperate you rush from one thing to another, agreeing to low value insurance contracts or partnership agreements.  this means you don’t have time to stop think, assess and diagnose what is going on and come up with a treatment plan for your business!


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