People LOVE TO watch Video!!

You have probably heard The Buggles “Video Killed The Radio Star” song many times the lyrics refer to a period of technological change in the 1960s there still some truth in it now as we continue to undergo advances in technology..

People LOVE TO watch Video!! And it is simple to make…. And you know it… you just might be a bit scared of going for it.

If you want your clinic to thrive you’ve got to be on it…. you don’t have to watch yourself back… But you have to hit the red button.

Video accounts for over 75% of all internet traffic!! People watch video!!!  Therefore you as a Physiotherapy business OWNER need to be using it… here’s why

It’s educational

I don’t know a Physio out there who doesn’t love teaching, doesn’t love helping people with the power of health education.  Video allows people to process information faster and it’s easier for them to remember.   

It’s engaging

It helps potential patients get to know you.  AND when done well can keep the attention of your audience through story telling.

It’s entertaining

Have fun with it.  People love being entertained as well as informed and educated!!

It triggers emotions

You can show and receive empathy which helps people relate to you on a human level.

Being really honest, you don’t really have a choice when it comes to video.  If you want your clinic to Thrive and help as many patients as possible you’ve got to be using it because it is the most powerful marketing media available.

What do you need to get recording….

A phone with a camera and a mic…… thats all

Make you the lighting is good and hit the red button!

How do you get better at it…… like all things do it and more of it and more of it…..


Record a Live Video around a topic title and 5 bullets no more than 5-10 minutes long

Then upload to YouTube, Linkedin etc etc


To stream to multiple platforms at once consider software such

  • Streamyard 
  • Ecamm


Don’t fancy going live just…. pre-record your videos and upload