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When Sales Are Slipping & Revenue Is Dipping

askkate May 11, 2023

When sales are  slipping and revenue's dipping, it's very easy to start blaming other people for the lack of performance in your practice. 

The blame goes everywhere, but that's not necessarily helpful.

Some tough conversations might well be needed regarding performance and expectations of performance with training needed to support.

But what's really needed isn't necessarily more technical clinical knowledge. Quite often, more technical knowledge is actually a distraction and a hindrance.

What your client just needs to know is that you can help them.

So what's probably missing is a deep understanding of exactly who your ideal person is that you've set up your practice to serve, what their pains or problems are, and how your clinic is going get them from where they are now to where they want to be.

That's where you're going start picking up your enquires and turning your practice around.


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