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“What would I be, if I went along with things I knew were SERIOUSLY wrong?”

privatepracticeskills Aug 20, 2022

I’m feeling very frustrated tonight. When I started speaking out, my untested assumption was that, as people heard me, some at least & ESPECIALLY medical & scientific colleagues, mostly the retired ones, would jump to their feet, outraged, and join in.

Regret to tell you that it’s because of cowardly senior doctors, to this very day, that the murderous globalists are continuing to make ground. They must be stopped. Must. We don’t have much longer, imo. If not know, when? 

Senior doctors, perhaps late-50s & up, won’t lose their homes or even need much to tighten their belts.  Those 60+ could retire early & not be concerned about de-registration by the GMC (AMA in the US). I ask each if the , “If not you, who?”

Even now, I personally know & know of numerous medical staff in multiple countries who are saying nothing. 

I’ve implored them to recognise that they’re the ONLY people who have any chance of pushing back. They simply won’t.

So, please check everything you’re told by doctors. I’m not alleging incompetence but sheer lack of interest in your wellbeing over their own.

In short, if the question is, will they choose to keep their jobs & money at the cost of your health & life, the jury is in. 

Just look at the gene based “vaccines”. They’re STILL not walking out en masse. No, they continue to count their shoelaces.

I know that, everywhere, there are some good people, including good senior doctors. Some have spoken out & been attacked. 

Most have simply done nothing. 

That this is still true 19months after “vaccination roll out” is horribly instructive. 

Rant over.

Ps: I can only assume that the inability to remain silent when something seriously wrong is going on around a person is innate. It’s not intelligence & it’s certainly not traditional physical courage (I’m poorly supplied with that). Perhaps it’s wilful stubbornness. I was definitely like this as a child. Generally cooperative, if anyone tried to get me to do something which crossed my personal red lines, you’d have had to kill me, I simply never ever gave in.  It’s not saintly, I just cannot do it. As someone more eloquent than me said, “What would I be, if I went along with things I knew were SERIOUSLY wrong?””

Mike Yeadon, Former VP Pfizer



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