It has now got to absolutely absurd proportions. In Australia, we can see one of the fittest men on the planet, Novak, Djokovic, being banned entry.

And in Australia, we can also see that Michael Gunner has made the terrifying decision to ban the unvaccinated from leaving their house to exercise or go to work.

And he specifies that, the unvaccinated must not leave their house to exercise or go to work. They are only allowed to leave to seek medical care, to provide care for another or buy the essentials. He seems to be missing the contradiction that if this is a health crisis, not going to work and not exercising will cause a deterioration in your health and have consequences in itself.

And this is what’s getting alarming. There is support for the governments and these rules and these regulations. And that means atrocities will occur if the governments simply tell people to do so.

Now of course, there are many that are waking up and there are many protests and many freedom fighters out there, but what else can we do as clinicians and clinic owners, other than saying no, what else can we be doing to help proactively reclaim health?

I wonder if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already tried speaking to people about the levels of tyranny that we witness too and the ethical issues that we’ve been facing. And perhaps you’ve got no where, but a glazed look.

But what people do know is that an apple a day is good for them. And people do know that exercise is good for them.

So I wonder as clinicians and clinic owners, if we should start taking more ownership and responsibility for our personal power and authority and remind our communities of the importance and value of exercise, of purposeful activity, of going to work, of laughter and of interacting with others.

Therefore helping people become more and more aware of the contradiction of good health principles versus what some of the rules and regulations we are witness to from the government.