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Using “Clinical Pain Score’s” In Business

privatepracticeskills Jun 25, 2022

We see a lack of confidence, fear, and anxiety in clients we treat and if we don’t address what they perceive is holding them back they will never achieve their dream even if we know they have the physical potential.

These same factors exist in you too as a clinician and clinic owner and can hold you back… after all, you are human too, and can be your own worst enemy.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are ready for the next stage of growth? And what is it that is holding you back?

If you were to commit to your vision of opening a clinic or revitalising your current practice is there anything you would be worried about or feel unprepared for?

What training or support do you need to help you feel 100% confident and mitigate any risks?

To ascertain if a client is ready to return to sport or activity their thoughts, feelings and worries need to be addressed sending them back out into the big wide world expecting them just to cope, without having done so is not the right thing.

And the same applies to you, your worries, concerns, and uncertainties need addressing too before you open or grow your own practice.

Let’s Examination Them

Consider the accounts and financials reports coming from your business like the radiographs….

…..whilst they provide information we know can’t base our diagnosis and treatment plan on them alone as they are not reliable diagnostic tools on their own!  They just from part of the story.

In clinical practice we have available and may use pain scoring tools to objectively measure patients pain behaviours and help with classification.

So let’s keep this simple?  Remember Likert scales?  Whether you use them currently or not I am sure you know what it is.  Likert scales are a tool which enables clients to score their pain numerically according to how much they agree with a statement.

And you can use it as simple starting place to assessing your worries, business health and you quickly identify

  • where you want to be
  • where you are now
  • where your greatest pain lies
  • what you some of the steps are you need to take to move towards your goal

If we consider the skeleton of a business there are 7 departments or organs which make up the anatomy and form the structure from which everything hangs and evolves.

Take each of the 6 coloured departments in turn and define on the outside of the circle what perfection looks like…where you would like to be.  Now score each on a scale on 0-10 where you feel you currently are.

What are the steps or actions that need to take place to start moving towards number 10?

What or who do you need to help you complete these tasks and when will they be done by?

It can feel very overwhelming looking at this so just start with your greatest pain point, which is usually that which has the lowest score and see if you can identify what you need to do just to nudge it forwards 1 point.

Do exactly the same for white space which is for you, for your reason why and your purpose…. where are you at… what needs to happen to nudge it forwards?

At the end of this task you will have some objectives and tasks you and your team can complete to being your business rehabilitation programme.


A New Approach to the Low-Back Physical Examination. Behavioural Assessment of Mechanical Signs. Kevin F. Spratt, PhD. SPINE, 15(2), 96:102, 1990


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