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The Paradox

thegreatgaslights Apr 06, 2023

Something is strange, that whilst many can come to the conclusion the pandemic was a fraud they often struggle with questioning the foundation of the fraud being that the virus doesn’t exist.

Or does this lack of questioning simply expose the extent of indoctrination and brainwashing surrounding germ theory?

Conversation around whether or not viruses exist, appears to conjure up all kinds of emotions, and is met with resistance.

My guess is that virology is a deeply entrenched paradigm, and it is what we were taught as kids.


People are now quick to speak out against lockdowns, vaccines, and other pandemic mitigation measures and are even quick not to trust the authorities.

Yet the same people blindly trust the authorities when a “pandemic” is announced, or when a new “contagion” is announced refusing to question whether or not such claims are true. Instead, engaging in discourse about the disease in question, about the symptoms and causes, about the possible origins (lab or not), they even chat about the variants. Without once questioning the validity of the original claim, asking for evidence of the existence of the disease and it’s causation.

What if Covid / Monkeypox / [supposed contagion] simply do not exist? These queries are met with censorship, ostracism, and dismissal enabling pandemics to just keep happening, and everybody accepting what the authorities tell them.

A cult like approach

A cult-like approach is to dismiss dissenting views and, instead, to perpetuate a previously held belief.

David Rasnick refers to this as the Tyranny Of Dogma, essentially pointing out that we must be aware of “trusting the science”.

“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” Kary Mullis, PCR inventor

Anybody who claims to have a monopoly on truth is no longer acting in the spirit of science, but rather in the spirit of dogma.

We need to question EVERYTHING… we have been lied to on a massive scale!

Why does understanding this matter?

Understanding this matters because it changes the way in which we view health and the causes of illness. And the collective view of health is being misused to enter us into a new era of mass surveillance and control. Therefore if we can determine the causes of illness, we can regain sovereignty of our health and well-being and freedoms.

Let’s talk about flu

To drive this home let’s talk about Flu.

In a room of 20 people, somebody has Flu. He coughs and sneezes and so on. A week later, 12 people have Flu.

Obviously, they “caught it” from the sick person. That’s what we’ve been taught, after all…..

But why didn’t the other 8 “catch it”?

Perhaps we should evaluate each individual before making such a conclusion, and compare them to the 8 who didn’t get ill.

Maybe the 8 were healthier and, thus, contagion didn’t matter. But if the virus is contagious as everyone believes. It doesn’t discriminate based on immune systems. That’s what we are taught, and what the last two years have been about.

In this example, we have no evidence of contagion. Just evidence of some people becoming ill.

This is all about evidence. If there is no evidence for contagion, then it’s a paradigm that should be dismissed. And if there’s a strong correlation between good health and lack of illness, then contagion should be a non-concern. But the Rockefeller family, who funded Pasteur, won’t like this.

As Bechamp argued, germs originate from inside the cells. Or as Pasteur argued, germs originate from outside the cells. Pasteur won the day, thanks to funding.

In Conclusion

The human race really has been duped into believing in the germ and viruses and bacteria, and the issue we face is that society now has such a short attention span due to living in a soundbite/tech addicted age that people aren’t willing to look into anything thoroughly they want everything answered definitively in one paragraph or one short 30 second video.


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