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Should I Specialise?

clientattraction Jul 02, 2022

Yes, you should!

So many clinicians and clinic owners attempt to be one size fits all and serve everybody. But that’s not possible.

You can’t serve many masters!

Let me explain!

If you’re hungry and you are craving sushi, it’s sushi you want to sate to your hunger and solve your hunger pains. It isn’t world cuisine that you are looking for.

So if you’re walking down the street feeling really hungry and there is sushi restaurant in front of you, that is where you’re going to go, rather than to the world cuisine the restaurant next door, which will serves many, many different foods quite probably including Sushi.

But in World Cuisine you’re not going to get this specialist service, environment, menu, or chef. You might pay more in the sushi restaurant, but you probably happy to do that because you know, you’re going to get what you are looking for.

And it’s exactly the same in your clinic

If you’re a one size fits all generalist practice, nobody really knows if you are the right place for them and if you can really help them. However if you niche and are specific about who it is, you help it helps people really resonate with you and recognise that you are the right place for them.

It also means that all your communication is targeted towards their needs and their pains and how you can help them. Your programs and services are also tailored for them. Which makes it easier and more likely you can do an amazing job to meet clients needs and get them the outcomes that are important to them rather than being distracted and trying to do and be many things for many people.

Lots of clinicians get scared that if they niche or communicate their specialisms that they will alienate the masses.

But that’s not true.

If you are specialist in back pain and communicate that, it will help somebody that’s got back pain recognise and resonate that you are the right place for them.

Imagine if you were struggling with back pain yourself, and had a choice between a back pain specialist clinic, or a generalist one size fits all clinic. The majority of people in this situation are going to choose the back pain clinic.

And that back pain clinic can do a great job as they are only talking to people who are struggling with back pain and their challenges are. They can also build very specific programs for back pain sufferers.

If you are a specialist or an expert, people expect to pay a bit more

You probably know when you walk into that sushi restaurant, you’re going to have a bigger bill than if you went into the one size fits all everything you can eat world cuisine restaurant and you’re okay with that because it’s meeting your needs.

This mean if you specialise in your clinic, you’re able to

  • charge more
  • to attract more of your ideal clients
  • communicate specifically with them and how you can help them so that they can resonate with your message
  • focus only on the problems that you need to be focusing on solving
  • develop specific services and programmes
  • get great results

Become a category of one!

Having the confidence to be a specialist and in category of one means there’s only a choice between you and nothing for potential clients.

For example: if you are a specialist in cervicogenic headaches, it may be there is no-one else in your town, county, region or even country with your skills.

And that will mean that you can really resonate and communicate to those people who are struggling with headaches who need your services and they will come to you as you are the expert.


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