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Professional Insurance Providers

privatepracticeskills Jul 23, 2022

Many clinicians are perhaps feeling let down and frustrated with their professional bodies and regulators and are looking for alternatives.

Insurance Providers

First of all wherever or however you are going to practice you must have insurance. Professional liability insurance is often provided as a benefit of professional bodies’ membership which needs to be considered if you are leaving.

Below are some providers of professional liability and practice insurance


James Hallam (formerly Graybrooks)

Phillip Williams


If you are going to employ others you will also need to make sure you have employers liability insurance too, this is something to discuss with your provider.

Leaving the HCPC

Following my most recent conversation with all the above insurers, it was clear they would provide appropriate insurance for clinicians registered with the HCPC and for appropriate health practitioners’ skills without HCPC registered with HCPC.

This is interesting to be aware of as for some clinicians HCPC registration may have become more of a liability than a benefit.

NOTE: If you are considering leaving the HCPC you must have your own conversation with the insurance brokers regarding what you wish to be insured for.


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