The majority of the people have been living in a stressful environment for the last 2 years.  Existing clinic owners have been juggling endlessly changing rules and many employed clinicians are now facing the no jab no job worry.  On top of that we have been juggling schooling, caring for families and friends and challenging conversations.

When we feel under threat and are in acute stress our fight or flight response can be triggered.  In addition to fight or flight we can also freeze, and become unable to act against a threat, which can lead to inaction.   

You see it day in day out with patients.  The one’s who take action and commit to their goals and treatment plans are the one who get results, and some get results that astound you, achieving a recovery you weren’t quite sure was going to be possible.  What was it they needed from you to achieve their results?  Your knowledge and skills of what to do, help to clarify their goals and a timeframe, your support encouragement and accountability and your carefully delivered balance of tough love and reassurance, mixed with listening and understanding.

And it is no different for clinician clinic owners.  If you are in an unfamiliar situation you need to give yourself permission to ask for help in the same way a patient does.  And the majority of clinicians and clinic owners are in an unfamiliar situation at the moment.  Just like with patient rehab, step 1 of running or setting up a practice is knowing where what you want to achieve and committing to it.

Many clinicians feel totally overwhelmed when asked what it is they would like to create with many ideas and options swimming round in their head.  Here is a simple process you can use clarify what you want to focus on.

1. get 2 piece’s of paper

2. make a list of the top 25 things you would like to achieve with your practice on the first piece of paper

3. circle the top 5 priorities and write these on the second piece of paper, this is now forms the list you focus on

4. the remaining 20 things on the first piece of paper, form the “avoid at all cost” list, these are the things which are mostly likely pull you away from your priorities and distract you from achieving your goals

Just like with a patient once you know what you want to do, the next thing is figuring out how to get there and that may mean acquiring some new knowledge, skills and habits.

I believe if are you’re not happy with the situation, take ownership, take responsibility and start changing it, to create the outcome that you desire and at times that can mean making some uncomfortable decisions. 

It is important to keep focus on what it is that you want to create longterm, and what you want your contribution to be to the creation of good health. Then you can proactively step by step start taking actions that you need to get there. 

Life is an endurance event and presents an opportunity for you to recreate what you do and how you do it.  

Is it time to get really clear on what you want for the future and step by step start taking the actions to create your vision?