The industry of health is undergoing massive change at the moment.  And with massive change, come residual changes that provide opportunity.  This has always been the case in any industry, for example, 

  • the gold rush led to a residual change in the type of clothing people were looking for which led to the birth of Levi’s
  • the innovation of neoprene meant surfers could be in the sea when the temperatures were colder, this led to cold feet and the innovation of Ugg boots
  • the introduction of smartphones created the opportunity for Uber to be developed to prevent New Yorkers from standing in the pouring rain trying to hail a cab. 

As a clinician, you might well have in your heart a vision or idea for changing the delivery of your service.  To make the opportunity you have spotted happen you need not only to have a great idea but a great offer too that resonates with the demands of your ideal clients at the correct price point

Only then do you have the opportunity to make your vision a reality. Meet the demands of your community, through the unique offer transformation that your practice delivers, ensure consistent profitability, your take-home pay, and the sustainability of your practice.

Without all three of these, it is a race to the bottom. You are either caught in the time for money trap, endlessly lowering prices or have no business.