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No vaccine has ever done what it claimed to do

thegreatgaslights Feb 12, 2022

Before we doom ourselves to repeat our mistakes with compulsory vaccinations, we must relearn from our tampered history that vaccines have not been anywhere close to the miracle we’ve been led to believe.

The data about the efficacy of vaccines and what has actually caused the decline in childhood disease is presented in Dissolving Illusions. Suzanne Humphries MD and Roman Bystrianyk explore the history of vaccines with remarkable rigor and research. Forgotten data is overlaid with social history to demonstrate that the diseases we have been led to believe were eradicated by patented vaccines were already in decline prior to a vaccine being introduced.

Sanitation not vaccination

In reality, in nearly all instances the decline in disease runs parallel to improvements in sanitation prior to the implementation of vaccines. What led to a decrease in the respective diseases, was an increase in better sanitation and cleaner water and improved living conditions in general.”

England and Wales mortality rates from various infectious diseases from 1838 to 1978. (Record of mortality in England and Wales for 95 years as provided by the Office of National Statistics, published 1997; Report to The Honourable Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Bart, MP, Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, June 30, 1860, pp. a4, 205; Essay on Vaccination by Charles T. Pearce, MD, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England; Parliamentary Papers, the 62nd Annual Return of the Registrar General 1899 (1891–1898))

This book presents vital answers as to whether vaccines are, or indeed ever have been

“One of the greatest achievements of biomedical science and public health”

The authors explore the health consequences of industrialisation in the 1800s whereby men, women, and children worked long hours in factories, mines, and sweatshops. Families were crammed into tenements with no ventilation, running water, or sanitation making disease was inevitable.

A new understanding that filth contributed to human illness had come to light…projects for the supply of clean water and removal of human and other waste gradually began to be implemented.” 

The authors demonstrate that vaccinations weren’t responsible for the “amazing decline”  in deaths from infectious diseases in the 19th and 20th centuries. Rather social change, sanitation, the construction of sewerage and clean water systems, the passing of labour laws, and the widespread availability of healthy, fresh and clean food allayed the toll of preventable diseases.

As Dr Thurman Rice acidly observed in 1932, 

“It is not strange that health improves when the population gives up using diluted sewage as the principle beverage.”

The authors remind us, “Medicine in general, and vaccines even more so, contributed very little to this phenomenal transformation. Regardless, the medical paradigm became the dominant belief, generally displacing all other vastly important human innovations.”

“No vaccine, in human history, has successfully vaccinated against any virus. In fact, vaccination has a trajectory of increased health risks and death.

There is no such thing as “vaccine-hesitant”

The term vaccine hesitant is one that has been used perhaps with the intent of convincing, coercing, persuading or trying to understand the position of those who have not had 1, 2 or 3 gene therapy injections. And there has been much debate over how to get the unvaccinated or vaccine-hesitant to get their jabs — shame them, bribe them persuade them, or treat them as victims of mis- and disinformation campaigns.


What are their reasons for vaccine hesitancy?As summarised by Victoria Male in the BMJ a priori view that vaccine products are overwhelmingly beneficial is scarcely scientific.

And from conversations with many unvaccinated, it is clear that each person who has decided to decline or to stop the process of receiving any or further “gene therapy” has made a very conscious decision to say no thank you.

It is not a hesitant position it is a position of clarity. Having read, listened, witnessed, and researched we have concluded the risks of experimental gene therapy outweigh the benefits.

In the beginning, the denial of natural immunity and the benefits of good health, combined with the rushed and experimental nature of the gene therapy injection contributed to this position. Now we have more knowledge of the trials, the lack of efficacy, the incidence of vaccine injury and threats to loss of bodily autonomy.

Using public data alone Dr Peter McCullough’s presentation shows that the gene-based vaccines are neither safe nor effective. It is actually difficult to find anything otherwise. Even more so when all other consequences are considered

What we are witness to is so contrary to good public health and basics good health principles that it makes people suspicious that there is a greater agenda at play.


We have resisted social, political, and economic pressures. And we have taken the decision to hold our position despite travel restrictions, possible loss of jobs, relationships, and social connections.

We are clear, we are not hesitant. We are not thinking about it. We are not on the fence. We have decided we are not getting a Covid vaccine.

I know many think the vaccine-hesitant are dumb or just misinformed, that’s not at all what I’ve seen. In fact, typically, independent of education level, the vaccine-hesitant I’ve met in the ER are more familiar with vaccine studies and more aware of their COVID risks than the vaccinated.” — Dr. Joseph Fraiman, emergency medicine physician, New Orleans

Therefore perhaps informed dissent is a better term to used then vaccine hesitant.


This comprehensive list of charts and graphs proves that EVERYTHING you were taught at school about vaccines is a lie.

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