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Monkeypox or Moneypox?

thegreatgaslights May 21, 2022

Watch this video from May 2020, in which Chris Sky predicted everything that was going to happen way ahead of most ‘conspiracy theorists.’

Are the Gates Gang is using the monkeypox scare to blackmail sovereign countries into surrendering to all future WHO edicts without question?


Its called SHINGLES is a known “adverse reaction” to vaccination and AND it’s listed on Pfizer Covid jab’s side effects list.

What do you think the chances are that an oddball affliction, like monkeypox, spontaneously breaking out in 10 different locations around the world – where it had never appeared before – at the exact same time? Even “zero” chance seems too high!

In a New Zealand health article they have even used the same picture of SHINGLES as on the Queensland, Australia Health site yet call it MONKEYPOX!

The same image is also used in Israel.

It is all theatre

The use of CGI makes Monkeypox all the more sensational and theatrical.

Supported with 6 different versions of this “deadly” particle.

I wonder why the multiple different images of the alleged monkeypox floating around look completely different?

Changing the story

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has edited its Monkeypox page ( to alter the narrative to make monkeypox sound scarier.

Up until a few days ago, according to archived links (, the Monkeypox page said this, regarding person-to-person transmission [emphasis added]:

“It’s very uncommon to get monkeypox from a person with the infection because it does not spread easily between people…”


Secondly, they’ve removed this paragraph, which was present up until at least November of 2021 ( (and maybe much more recently, there are no archives between November and May):

“[Monkeypox] is usually a mild illness that will get better on its own without treatment. Some people can develop more serious symptoms, so patients with monkeypox in the UK are cared for in specialist hospitals…”

The new “treatment” paragraph reads …

“Treatment for monkeypox aims to relieve symptoms. The illness is usually mild and most people recover in 2 to 4 weeks […] You may need to stay in a specialist hospital, so your symptoms can be treated and to prevent the infection spreading to other people…”

To sum up, history is being re-written a little here.

Before, monkeypox “did not spread easily between people”. Now it does.

Before, monkeypox would “get better on its own without treatment”. Now it won’t.

So, they’re already blatantly changing the story. Why are they doing that?…

It is certainly incredibly coincidental that the “monkeypox” outbreak coincides with the WHO power grab.

In this 6minute video Mike Yeadon, Neil Oliver and Russell Brand call out the medical frauds trying to take over the world.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

The pharmaceutical industry, alongside global governments, are in full control. They are just making it up.

Left: “Monkeypox”
Right: Skin reactions to covid shots

The Invention

In 2019 a group of people, companies & institutions fortuitously ran a tabletop simulation (Event 201) of the emergence in China of a novel coronavirus, only to have a near enough an identical outbreak happen months later. How blessed are we for their foresight!?

Last year, a similarly-constituted group ran another simulation, this time of an outbreak of Monkeypox, including dates & events. The start date in this simulation was in May 2022.

By ASTONISHING coincidence, an outbreak of Monkeypox just started, in May 2022.

This is the Monkeypox simulation document from the NTI created in March 2021 that predicted a Monkeypox pandemic starting May 15th, 2022 (

We are entering a new phase of mass surveillance

And here is NHS telling staff about Monkeypox pumping up the fear!!!

Starting in Belgium, home of the EU… there is now a MANDATORY 21 DAY LOCKDOWN for all MONKEYPOX CASES.

How long before the lockdown contagion spreads further?

Monkeypox is a scare narrative

By now, I expect you’ve developed an understanding of what the perpetrators are up to in relation to Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is NOT a Russian bioweapon

Monkeypox is NOT a Western bioweapon

Monkeypox is a scare narrative. Like COVID.

The opinion managers need you to believe in the narrative and be afraid. So they seed a fake binary debate that tricks you into accepting the fear.

They don’t care if you think it’s a Russian bioweapon or a Western bioweapon. Or neither. Just so long as you believe it’s a real threat and are afraid, will be tested, tracked, traced, isolated and vaccinated!


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