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I'm a Vet Doctor who treats Skin Conditions

conversations Nov 15, 2022

Many skin conditions can be irritating or uncomfortable. It is important to address the effects of an irritating skin condition, both physically and emotionally, to manage the condition effectively and improve quality of life.

Speaking on this episode is Harley Farmer, a vet surgeon who doesn't take care of animals, he addresses skin conditions in humans.

Harley Farmer speaks on the following:

● The journey from vet medicine to solving skin problems
● How to treat your skin by letting it heal
● How to deal with many groups of people
● Getting to the root cause of skin irritation
● How to moisturise a dry skin

My conversation with Harley will give you an in-depth understanding of how to deal with an irritating skin condition. Listen to this keenly to gain the necessary information which is needed for your skin today. With this, you're equipped with the glowing skin requirements, just for you.

Stay tuned and enjoy.


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