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Growing your own practice is similar to growing your own veg patch

privatepracticeskills Apr 02, 2022

What if you could grow your own practice the same way you grow your own vegetables?  With the same curiosity, and excitement. Yes, you have to put work in but the results can be highly rewarding.  

You will find abundance in places you might expect, for example, if you are in a cooler climate like me, your broad beans and runner beans are likely to do very well. 

You will also get some nice surprises along the way…. my dad very proudly sent me a photo over the weekend of his peppers and aubergines, which had started as a bit of an experiment.

And just like your veg patch some things work and some things won’t work despite the same conditions and them appearing similar in nature.

For example: my carrots and parsnips were planted in the same bed next to each other. The carrots thrived and the parsnips less so. Why I don’t know. But next year I will be giving all the space to carrots as they proved abundant in the conditions we have. On top of that, no one in the house is too much fussed about parsnips

You only find out what easily works and doesn’t for you and “your soil” by getting started and being curious in both the garden and business.

  • somethings will reap rewards with relative ease, like my runner beans. Nature after all is abundant!
  • sometimes you will find pleasant surprises, like my dad’s peppers 
  • sometimes things just won’t work and you won’t be sure why but you know they are costing you time, money, and effort for little or no reward and need to be dropped, just like my parsnips!

Being able to grow your own practice can be hard work and highly rewarding but needn’t be feared if you approach with the same commitment and curiosity as you do a vegetable patch.


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