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Financial Empowerment

askkate May 01, 2023

Most practice owners do not have the level of financial control that they would like in their practice.

It is possibly financial empowerment you are after rather than control, where you know
- what the bottom line is for your practice
- where the profit margins is
- that you can pay your bills on time and do pay your bills on time
- what your debtor's book is, and ideally, don't even build one up
- what your creditor's book is.

Having full clarity and full sight of the financials in your business, gives you certainty and option's.

If you are burying your hand in the sand, not only do you not have financial control, you are utterly disempowered, and it is likely to be a complete contradiction to what you're trying to do.

If your practice has been set up to empower clients to reclaim their health autonomy, that only makes sense that your practice is also set up to empower you and enable you to have financial autonomy.


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