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Don't Try Fix A Flower!

askkate May 15, 2023

If a flower's  not growing you don't try to fix the flower.

You try to fix the environment and make tweaks in the environment to optimise the environment, by considering:

- amount of water 

- levels of sunlight 

- soil type

 You are no different!

I listen to practitioner after practitioner, labelling themselves and  trying to "fix" themselves as if something is wrong with them.

Well, what if like the flower, there's nothing wrong!!!

What if it's the environment that's particularly harsh, that simply doesn't suit you well and needs changing.

Consider instead, what you need to be doing to make sure you are getting

- the right amount of sunlight

- the right amount of water 

- the right type of soil

..... for yourself!

Start by fixing the environment you're in, rather than trying to fix yourself, so you too can bloom.


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