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Developing Healthy Habits for Greater Financial Well-Being

conversations profitwithoutpills Mar 13, 2023

Money is not just a medium of exchange but a symbol of power, security, and self-worth. Our beliefs about money are formed early in life and are influenced by the values and attitudes of our parents, friends, and society at large. These beliefs can be positive or negative, and they can either support or undermine our financial well-being.

In this episode, Leslie Thomas, founder of the Money Confidence Academy and an expert in personal finance, shares insights on financial well-being:

  • During the conversation, we cover the following:
  • Understanding our relationship with money
  • Exploring the connection between self-worth and financial confidence
  • Sharing and communication in entrepreneurial and clinical spaces workspaces
  • The need to address financial stress and develop healthy money habits
  • Integrating money habits into our overall approach to life.

The conversation underscores the significance of approaching our behaviours and habits related to money mindfully and holistically and acknowledging their effects on our well-being.

So, stay tuned and enjoy!

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