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Breaking the Mold: Addressing Emotional Needs in Physiotherapy Practice

conversations inspiration Mar 22, 2023

Over the years, physiotherapy has undergone a significant change by incorporating emotions as a crucial component of treatment. In the past, the focus was on the physical manifestations of an injury or illness, with little regard for the patient's emotional well-being. However, the field has progressed to encompass the entire patient and acknowledge the significance of emotions in treatment.

In this episode Joanne Elphinston an experienced physiotherapist examines the evolution of physiotherapy as a more comprehensive practice that emphasizes patient-centered care.
In this conversation, she delves into the following discussion:

  • Trends in physiotherapy practice
  • The importance of emotions in physiotherapy.
  • Patriarchal medicine and the danger of slipping back into traditional roles where patients are objectified
  • Embracing human complexity in treatment.
  • Protocol-driven practice Vs real medical care
  • The gains of narrative forms of interaction with patients
  • Importance of curiosity and active listening to better understand patients' needs and achieve better outcomes.

To give effective care, physiotherapists and other practitioners should consider patient’s lifestyle, mental health, and social support system, not just their physical condition to create a personalized treatment plan with the patient, based on their goals and individual needs.

Stay tuned and enjoy!


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