Get Your Healthcare Business Ready To Take To Market In 6-Weeks 

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For a limited time I am offering the 6week intensive "ClinicCORE" coaching programme.  It is designed to help practitioners with new businesses get ready for market. Your ideas will become organised, your ideal clients defined, and your irresistible offer created.

ClinicCORE is for:

 Health Professionals with an idea who are currently doing less than 5 figures in their business

 Health Professionals that want to develop a deep understanding of their ideal clients 

 Health Professionals that want to define their CORE Offer, so they can get their idea of the ground

 Health Professionals that wish they could create a clear message that says what it is they are about 

  Health Professionals who want to build their own business, and be full-time working on their practice

 Health Professionals that wish to secure their future and stop going from contract to contract

  Health Professionals who are willing to work to bring their vision it to life  

 Health Professionals who want a better life for themselves and their families

 Health Professionals that are action takers

Re-MARKable is NOT  for:

  • Practice Owners who are just in this for the money, and don’t care about the results their clients get
  • Practice Owners who use deceptive practices or shady qualifications, you are better than that and your community deserve more, we work with practitioners who are good at what they do 
  • Practitioners who deny money matters, without it, your practice will die and you will help no-one

More Honesty

ClinicCORE Offer is 6-weeks of focus!

You’ll be required to focus, and implement what you learn…. (“you've got to take action”).  If that's what you would like then stick with me and I will explain to you the “ClinicCORE Offer” and how it will help you get your business idea ready to take to market and bring your vision to life.

So here’s the deal… 

  • First, click the application button
  • Next book a time in my diary for a call.  On that call, we will assess your practice in more depth, confirm if your concept is a good fit, and if so we will make you an offer to join. 
  • No pressure if you want to join great, if not no problem, you will walk away with a plan to implement

I’m only looking for high-caliber Health Professionals to join "ClinicCORE Offer", I will give you my all, and in return, I need you to be serious about helping your community reclaim their health.


With focus and commitment you will create a profitable practice that provides you consistent take-home pay for you and your family's financial security, AND knowledge that you are making a positive dent in the universe with the transformation you bring to your ideal patient's, whilst protecting your time and sanity.

Here's what people who work with me

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Are You Tired Of Going From "Tactic To Tactic"...?

And Do You Want A Clinic That Thrives…

...Regardless of what’s going on with the economy?


Then the "Re-MARKable"  is all you need.

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“Guarantee - YOU BET!"

I am asking you to make a fully informed decision about your practice, and whether you want to transform your practice into a highly professional service and decide if you would like me to help you stabilise and grow it.  The only way you can make these decisions is on the inside, not on the outside. 

So you need to get on the inside of us working together and what owning a professional practice means to see if everything I say and share with you is true and valuable to you. 

But you can’t make that decision right now for the same reason you don’t buy a house without looking at the inside first. 

Before committing to "ClinicCORE", make sure you have booked a Diagnostic Call where you will be able to make a fully informed decision about whether what I do is or isn’t for you.  

In "ClinicCORE" I am going to share with you and show you my proprietary processes, how to assess your idea, diagnose your ideal clients pains and dreams, and all the strategies and tactics you need to create an offer to take to market. I am going to expose the inner workings of how I run a business and get results, as a result, all sales of the programme are final as even if we don't fully resolve your business pain for any reason you will have gained a lot more knowledge and understanding about your "symptoms" and how to manage them.

I can only make a guarantee like this because I am confident what I have is the real deal and I am confident when you sign up you’re going to get exactly what you need to benefit. 

So, hurry up because we only have 2 spaces per month available and they are going FAST!  

Global uncertainty and fear of an uncertain economy mean there is a risk of paralysis due to fear and not knowing where to turn. To get through it you have to be focused with a plan to navigate it which provides you with consistent and predictable income.

Remember, staying where you are and doing nothing will not change anything. Action is what makes changes. 

It’s time to act now, hit that button, and get your ticket before it’s too late.

Space is LIMITED to max. of 10 People 

Don't miss the chance to work directly with Kate. Learn how to grow an impactful Physiotherapy Clinic and create a CORE Offer for your business that works for you.

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